What to choose

Yes, yoga is for everybody, but it is not a one-style-fits-all practice. You’re new to yoga and you will probably feel confused by the seemingly countless yoga styles to choose from. So before grabbing a mat you will have to find out which yoga style not only matches your fitness level and personality but also which goals you have set for practicing yoga. With most styles of yoga, you can boost your strength, get more flexible and improve your balance. And all yoga styles release tension in your body, quiet your mind, and help you relax. But Yoga Dō Ippo offers much diversity and brings different themes or focuses monthly within the course type you choose. Before deciding on the yoga style that’s right for you and that will support your goal, ask yourself what you are seeking to achieve (and remember, whichever style of yoga you choose, you’ll reap the benefits):

  • Are you doing yoga to de-stress? You may be drawn to yoga for its stress-relieving benefits. A stressed body suffers from tense muscles especially in your neck, shoulders, and back. Therefore, relaxing your tense muscles is important to calm your body and mind. To do so, we focus on stretching and breathing slowly to relax while doing particular yoga moves. We teach ourselves to be mindful of our breathing in order to release tension in our body. Gentle Flow and Mindful Flow techniques are aiming to help you de-stress each time you step onto the mat.

  • Do you want to focus on flexibility and stretching? You may be looking for more flexible limbs or for the need to stretch your body after intense workouts or having sat at a desk for hours. In that case, join us in one of the early morning yoga sessions, such as Gentle Flow. In a stretch (and also strengthening) focused practice, we concentrate on our breath while stretching our muscles. Normally our body is tighter in the morning but if we start our day with a stretch focused practice, our body and even our mind will be energized for the day ahead.

  • Is gaining physical strength and muscle tone your primary goal? Sometimes you want to use your muscles and boost your strength. To increase your strength and stamina, we offer vinyasa Flow yoga that focuses on building your muscles strong and stable. In this type of yoga, you discover using muscles that you never thought you had. Do you have to be fit to do this type of yoga? The answer is definitely no! There are alternative moves that adjust to what your body prefers for the day.