What to expect

Welcome to Yoga Dō Ippo! As yoga is for every “body”, you are on the right place to start. To practice yoga, you do not need to have a particular body type to start. You do not need to be flexible. It is helpful to know however, why you want to start trying out yoga instead of other sports.

For beginners

In every yoga practice at Yoga Dō Ippo, we move our body while connecting with our breath and mind. Some yoga practices focus more on stretching and the others emphasize more on moving in a fast pace. Thus depending on your goal, you choose a different practice. What is also known in yoga is that there are modifications in every move. So there is no stress if you cannot do a certain pose, because there are alternatives you can do. Yoga Dō Ippo does its best to teach safety and alignment of postures and to create a safe space for everyone to follow your own yoga journey. For the first comer to Yoga Dō Ippo, it will be nice to introduce yourself (and let us know whether you are a beginner or not) and inform us of any injury you may go through which may affect some of the postures.

For intermediate and more advanced

Once you have certain knowledge of yoga and know how to do some of the postures correctly, you have more space in your mind to connect to some of the important ideas about yoga. You can really be mindful to your body while practicing asanas. You can focus on your muscle and maybe push a little deeper as your body allows you. In an intermediate yoga movement at Yoga Dō Ippo, we encourage yogis to deepen their practices. Deepening can be advancing yoga postures or breathing techniques (or pranayama in sanskrit), or even take yoga practices off the mat.